Aesop Sao Paolo


Aesop Sao Paulo is a must-have travel kit for men and women. Combining hair, body and oral care staples, the travel essential allows you to stay groomed, refreshed and polished wherever you are. Housed in a travel box.


Suitable for all skin types.

The Set Contains:

Toothpaste (10ml)
An invigorating toothpaste enriched with Sea Buckthorn, Cardamon and Wasabia Japonica for a distinctively refreshing flavour. Delivering an effective clean on teeth and gums, the cream paste will leave the mouth feeling sparkling clean and refreshed.

Mouthwash (50ml)
Maintain fresh breath and optimal oral hygiene with this alcohol-free mouthwash. Formulated with Clove Bud, Anise and Spearmint Leaf, the breath-freshening solution will leave the whole mouth feeling clean and invigorated. Infused with a Mint, Spice and Liquorice flavour.

Classic Shampoo (50ml)
A mild shampoo ideal for normal hair and frequent washers. Blending oils of Cedarwood Bark and Juniper Berry, the gentle shampoo delicately lifts away dirt and impurities while hydrating and softening with Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein. Infused with a mint and herbaceous aroma, the shampoo will leave tresses feeling clean and invigorated.

Nurturing Conditioner (50ml)
A lightweight cream conditioner that deeply nourishes and tames hair. Formulated with Shea Butter and Vitamin E, the hydrating treatment is ideal for dry, stressed and chemically treated hair; it nurtures and smoothens to leave locks looking sleek and glossy. Infused with a mint, herbaceous and nutty aroma.

Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser (50ml)
The clear gel formula effectively eliminates dirt, impurities and excess oil to leave skin feeling cleansed and revitalised. Enriched with Geranium Leaf, Mandarin and Bergamot Rind, it features a re-energising aroma that perfectly encapsulates freshness.

Geranium Leaf Body Balm (50ml)
The mid-weight cream instantly soaks into skin without leaving it feeling greasy or sticky. Formulated with fragrant Geranium Leaf, Mandarin and Bergamot Rind, the uplifting moisturising cream adds an intensive burst of hydration, leaving skin feeling softer and restored.

Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser (15ml) 
A gently clarifying face wash for normal, combination and troubled skin. Formulated with Liquorice Root and Blackcurrant Seed, plus Lactic Acid for mild exfoliation, the smoothing face wash delicately lifts away surface impurities to help maintain a clean complexion in polluted urban environments. Clear and moderately foaming, the refreshing cleanser is enriched with a fresh, herbaceous aroma.

Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Toner (15ml)
Soothes, rebalances and evens the appearance of skin without stripping moisture. Fortified with an antioxidant-rich blend of Parsley Seed, Blue Chamomile and Lavender Stem, the lightweight, alcohol-free toner glides over the face and neck to eliminate traces of dirt and impurities after cleansing, whilst Witch Hazel refines pores and prepares for moisturiser. Restores a calm, comfortable complexion with a floral, herbaceous aroma.

Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum (15ml)
A lightweight serum formulated on a soothing Aloe Vera base. Providing calming and hydrating benefits to normal, combination and sensitive skin, the refreshing serum is enriched with a complex of antioxidant and skin-softening ingredients, including Grape Seed, Panthenol and Parsley Seed. It supplies moisture to skin while mattifying for a healthy-looking, balanced-complexion. Infused with a floral, herbaceous aroma.


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