How to Spiritually Connect with Water

Learn to harness the incredible power of water to heal, soothe, and manifest.

By | August 20, 2021

I am on a new journey with Water at the moment. Like most urbanites, She is the element I take most for granted, thinking She will always be there at the turn of a tap. We often say, “Water is Life” but this has become a rather flippant turn of phrase, often used for marketing or propaganda. I have never given the sentence much thought.

And yet, when I think back to some of my best, most remedial moments, it has unconsciously been with Water. Whether on my back letting waves gently buoy me or soaking my feet in a running brook, immersing in a tub after an incredibly long flight and feeling my body blossom again, even walking in the rain without an umbrella, Water has been a constant source of comfort for me.

The magic of water is the making of nature. Photograph: Redd/ Unsplash

The book, The Hidden Messages of Water by Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto (uncanny surname), was what rekindled my relationship with Water. You must have seen plenty of videos on the experiments he conducted where he spoke harshly to one glass of Water and kindly to another. He would then freeze each glass and every time, the results would show that the water that was fresh and imbibed with clear, positive thoughts would produce brilliant, beautiful snow-like crystals. The opposite was true of the “polluted” water where the crystals would be dull and asymmetrical.

In a corresponding thought, and just as fascinating, is the recent YouTube video I watched of Navajo and Lakota activist and ceremonial leader Weyakpa Najin Win, better known as Pat McCabe, who had a fascinating account with Water. In the video, she talked about a flooding incident and how she managed to connect and talk to the water that was coming into her house. I will save the miraculous ending for you to discover for yourself on

In fact, the phrase Water Is Life has deep significance and comes from the Lakota—mní wičhóni. The true meaning of “Water is Life” is that She is not just life giving and life sustaining, she is also alive and as Pat puts it, has consciousness and is listening to us.

It’s easy to reconnect with Water—she is all around us, after all. One need not journey by the sea or a brook or sacred river for a water miracle to happen. I have since put Water to the test in a couple of simple, effective ways.

Quantum Jumping

The first has been through Quantum Jumping where I placed two glasses side by side. On the one filled with water, I wrote down my present situation on a Post-it, verbalising it before pouring it into the other glass with the ideal outcome written. I said this out loudly in a happy, confident voice (remember Emoto’s experiment) before drinking up all the water and so filling my body with what I desired.

Manifest, it’s already yours. Photograph: Camille Brodard/ Unsplash

Communicating with Water

The second was to talk to Water as I would my friend, telling her my intentions and then released Water in a plant (ideally, one would release it in a moving body of water but hey, by any sustainable means necessary!) Both these methods have produced pretty phenomenal results. In the first, I managed to get a rare meeting with someone who outrightly rejected my request. In the second, I had someone give me a call when I asked Water to help me.

“I need the sea because it teaches me.” — Pablo Neruda. Photograph: Joshua Earle/ Unsplash

Water Ritual

The third is to reconnect with water by simply immersing myself in it. I find extremely therapeutic to be by a stream and if you are lucky enough to live close to one, I encourage you to head there for a soak or to dip your toes in. Otherwise, run your bathtub, light a few candles, and indulge in a self-care moment. The instant calm it brings is priceless.

I now truly understand the Bruce Lee saying of, “Be water, my friend.” She is a living entity capable of myriad transformations. Water is hot and cold, fluid and solid, strong as a wave and gentle as a raindrop. Water’s power to heal, soothe, even manifest, is infinite and we would do well to imbibe Her wisdom and all its remedial qualities.

Mwičhóni. She is Life.

ML Chen

ML Chen

A music industry executive and former editor, all her life, ML Chen has been a receiver of amazing experiences and serendipitous moments too uncanny to be dismissed as mere coincidence. She continues to explore the hows and whys of receiving, and invites you on this journey with her.