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Sometimes we need answers, inspiration, and guidance. Discover how these divinatory readings can help us tap into our great potential and inner power.

By | May 28, 2021

The person in front of me with her big brown eyes and gentle smile was calm and collected. When she spoke, she had an earthy warm note to her tone. We talked for a bit and discussed the process of the reading, which she understood and was excited to begin. However, before any reading, I would always ensure that some protocols are met so that the space used was cleared and protected.

I usually light incense and have the windows opened, to clear the energy and any energy that will be released during the reading. I would also have my small army of crystals ready for the reading to enhance the space and invite messages coming in—if any.

A reading tray usually includes the Tarot or Oracle deck of cards and guidebook, crystals, incense, and spiritual icons. Photograph: Jen Theodore/ Unsplash

With incense lit, chosen crystals laid out and a box of tissues ready for the “just in case” situation, I ask that we take a moment to meditate and ground ourselves. I then request that we give our thanks to the Universe and to all those who are watching over us. Next, I ask that the person I am reading for to please take a moment to breathe and calm the heart.

The funny thing about starting a reading is that most people will end up looking as if they are unsure. When asked, “Shall we begin?”, some would look confused, give away a nervous chuckle or say something along the lines of “I hope there’s no bad card”.

The cards you pick are influenced by your energy and aura. Photograph: Content Pixie/ Unsplash

So here’s the thing. Readings are only an interpretation and there are no bad cards. The cards you pick are in a way a representation of you. Some may even say that it is your energy or aura around you that influences the cards you pick. Think of it as law of attraction. Therefore cards you pick with negative images or wordings does not mean it is the end of the world for you. They appear because it signifies something that requires work or it acts only as a forecast of what may or may not happen. For example, a Death card does not necessarily mean death for it could also signify the end of something and the birth of something new.

Conveying the very same message to the lady in front of me, she smiled, took the cards, and started her oracle reading journey with me.

Tarot and Oracle readings are often combined, and enhanced with additional perspectives, such as the energies and influence of moon cycles. Photograph: Content Pixie/ Unsplash

Now are protocols really necessary before any reading? Honestly, I think all readers have their own individual methods of how they would like to begin the reading. Some readers follow the protocol of what was taught to them, some will learn methods through discussion and exchanges with other readers and some may even pick something along the way because it resonated with them. How it begins and how it ends will also differ depending on the situation and sometimes through the readers intuition. Rest assured though, nothing bad will happen after a reading and no black magic or demonic rituals are summoned either.

A reading may help you understand your life and future clearly and deeply. Photography: Yeshi Kangrang/Unsplash

So why do a reading then? What reading should one do? Is there a difference between Tarot and Oracle cards? To answer those questions, here are some FAQs:

1. What are Tarot Cards?

Tarot cards consist of 78 cards comprising of 22 Major Arcana cards that offer significant and broader perspectives, and 56 Minor Arcana cards that go into the details of your daily and current life. The cards are divided into four suits which are Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. The cards are then interpreted by the expert reader to speak about the person’s life story.

A little history about Tarot cards. Tarot cards started around the late 14th century, the cards back then, believe it or not, were actually created for playing parlour games, not for divinatory purposes. It was only in the 16th or 17th century that these cards were used for divination and were assigned different meanings and layouts. From thereon, Tarot has become a divinatory tool.

Tarot and Oracle cards can be beautiful works of art. When choosing one for yourself, find a deck that you deeply connect with. Photograph: Ouassima Issrae/ Unsplash

2. What are Oracle Cards?

Oracle cards are similar to tarot without the suits and Major or Minor Arcana. Each card has their own symbolism and meaning written on it and unlike Tarot cards, the cards can be read by anyone through the exploration of feelings, concepts, and experiences. Therefore, Oracle cards are more light-hearted and inspirational. I would liken Oracle cards to light beautifully written novels while Tarot cards are very much like a Tolstoy novel.

From Rebecca Campbell’s ‘Work Your Light’ Oracle card deck. Photograph: Danielle Rangel/ Unsplash

3. Do readings evoke evil?

Tarot and Oracle readings invite no evil or any black magic juju. The readings are usually done based on the cards picked and the message or messages revealed only acts as a guidance. No harm ever comes to the receiver or the reader because there is a lot more love and beauty than you think when it comes to a reading. I should also add, that it can be a beautiful experience with possible “ah ha” moments.

4. Are readings accurate?

The accuracy of the reading is dependent on the individual looking or seeking for answers. The readings should be likened to a weather forecast; for example, if it is going to rain on Wednesday, bring an umbrella with you just in case, and if it doesn’t, well the umbrella you brought out with you could keep you shaded from the sun.  Readings are therefore a possible prediction of what could be and what may be. Readings also sometimes reflects the individual inner issues that could be reflected in their outer lives without the individual consciously realising. Whatever the situation may be, the question is, what are you going to do about it emotionally and mentally and how would you approach the matter differently? That’s the lesson.

The magic of Tarot and Oracle readings is in the tapping into our inner power and deep spirituality, to explore the signs, encouragements, and directions we are being given. Photograph: Jen Theodore/ Unsplash

5. Are readings helpful?

Yes, whether you seek an interpreter or do a reading on your own, readings can be helpful. Oracle readings for example can sometimes act as a positive affirmation for the day and will help to remind you to focus on what matters. Readings are also very personal as it helps us to look inwards while also identifying what could possibly be holding us back from being the better version of ourselves.

6. If I pick a card with negative images or words, does that mean something bad will happen?

No, nothing bad will happen to you. The card only serves as a possible indicator or could even act as a simple gentle reminder to look within oneself. For example, should you pick a card “The Devil” card, it does not mean that you are evil or the Devil himself is coming to get you. The card simply means that you are holding yourself back from being the best version of you. This could be due to an unhealthy attachment, ignoring your shadow self, or having restricted and self-liming beliefs. The card could also mean that you are about to have a breakthrough and that you’re ready to confront your inner fears. “The Devil” doesn’t seem so evil now does he?

The Hanged Man is the card of ultimate surrender, of being suspended in time and of martyrdom, and sacrifice to the greater good. Photograph: Lucas Penzeta/ Pexels

7. Are there different types of readings?

Yes, readings can be done in various manner. Be it past, present and future, one’s life journey, chakra reading, relationship reading, one can have any reading done depending on the question or what the interpreter feels is needed for the receiver to know.

8. Can anyone practice Tarot or Oracle reading?

For those wanting to learn how to read Tarot, you will need to find a Tarot practitioner to teach you the steps and guide you on the journey. Please do this as there are important steps and an understanding of the cards are vital before going on a tarot reading journey for someone else. Oracle reading is more intuitive, lighter and easier to digest. However, if you do plan to practice Oracle reading for yourself, don’t forget to ground and give thanks to your angels, ancestors, gods or whoever you feel aligned to for their love and guidance before the reading.

Interpretation is the key to a good reading. Photograph: Jen Theodore/ Unsplash

9. Can readings predict the future accurately?

Readings for the future are usually just guided possibilities. So no, it won’t tell you when exactly you will strike that million dollar lottery nor will it tell you exactly when, where or how you will meet the love of your life and get married. The important take away for any reading is to understand what is currently happening to you in your present so that you could work on it or change it to have a better future. If your future reading is great, wonderful, focus on what needs to be done in the present to get there. The cards will usually guide you to get you there.

10. How do I find a good and trusted Tarot or Oracle reader?

There are many good ones out there (yes, even in Malaysia) and believe me when I say this, there exist a community of them. All readers who do the work they do only mean well and wish to assist those seeking. Just Google or ask around for recommendations. Take your time in finding the reader that feels right (your gut instinct will tell you) and if you have to meet a few, go ahead and do so. You will eventually meet the one whom you will have a connection with.

Now that I’ve answered some questions, let me just say that what is written here is based on my own knowledge and experience. Again, the answer may vary for different Tarot and Oracle practitioners but just know this, the take away from any reading is to always look within oneself and that all readings only acts as a guide, like fengshui. You must still do the work to receive the abundance and positive future that you want. Just enjoy the experience of a reading and enjoy the journey after one. You may or may not remember it but it could help you make subtle changes to your thought process, your future and even you as a person.

To help start you off, here are a few Tarot and Oracle readers in KL:

  1. Anthony Lefevre, The Tarot Reader: 019-364 0958
  2. Pooja Senghal Rajan, Practical Magick by Rhiannon, and Past Life Present Power: 016-6040 247
  3. Violet Flame: 012-986 8346
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